Knob Lick Missouri Cemetery Association
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About Knob Lick Cemetery Association
A brief history of the Knob Lick Cemetery.

‚ÄčThe Cemetery was originally owned and run by the local "Odd Fellow Lodge". Each Odd Fellow member was given several plots for his family.

Over time the Odd Fellow's Lodge disbanded. Many local family member's recall stories of chopping sassafras tress as big as your arm from small area's in the cemetery to prepare the grave for burial.

In 1957 the Ladies Auxiliary Group lead by Jenny Crawford, began to form what is now termed the Knob Lick Cemetery Association Board. By 1958 the board was up and running. Some of the early members included Art & Connie Porter, Bob Bayless, Bud Murphey.

This board would provide for the up keep of the cemetery. Many years of hard work, dedication, and monetary gifts have made possible the beautiful cemetery we have today.

Continued support by families will ensure that for many generations to come, Knob Lick will have a cemetery to be proud of.

Board Members:
Wayne Hahn, President
Darrell Plummer, Vice President
John Canterberry, Secretary/Treasurer
Ken Nash, Board Member
Danny Howlett, Board Member
Gary Moore, Board Member